Smart Network by Phoenix C. G.

Resulting out of years of experience offering telecommunications services to businesses and after closely listening to their needs, P. C. G. developed the Smart Network platform, as a dynamic and intelligent solution for handling high call volumes through a powerful routing core, preserving client security and maintaining fast and effective connections. Our system’s flexibility allows for the implementation of an intelligent administration interface for those communications at all levels of a corporate hierarchy.

You can watch this video presentation to learn more about our platform:

The Smart Network platform is fully customizable to meet our clients requirements. It’s also capable of dynamically transport each inbound or outbound call regardless of call volume to its proper destination depending on parameters requested by our client in the original design or changing them anytime as needed. We also provide fail over capabilities, ensuring our client’s calls always reaching the correct destination in a timely manner.

In addition, Smart Network provides a multilingual web interface where the user can obtain all kinds of statistical communication reports as well as the tools needed to personalize and configure their services. The graphics and statistical reports would be made in real time, including filtering of I.V.R options, origination, termination, schedule, time intervals, service areas as well as other needed criteria. We also provide monitoring interfaces to listen to calls in real time, listen to recorded calls as well as accessing call transcriptions data.

The web interface was designed to guarantee secured access as well as levels of permission to access the different configurations. You and your administrators will be able to create domains, groups and users as well as system’s instructions to grant or deny access to system information, reports, and graphics. This will ensure that the information is sectioned and only the needed information and reports would be available for each particular user. This level of security is paramount because some user or administrator could be given access to change or modify call flow, call handling, service parameters, call recording, service or operating times, or any other customized parameter needed for your particular business.

More information about the Smart Network platform can be found here: